Redefining Environmental Service Capabilities

Remediation and Reclamation In Situ

Texas Tea utilizes patent pending technologies and processes which are able to remediate Hydrocarbons in solids or liquids to near non-detect levels.  This is done at the site of contamination, which eliminates extraction, transport, and disposal costs. Texas Tea’s environmentally safe chemistry can also remediate and clean storage tanks, pipeline leaks, tank battery overflows, and wetland contamination.  We also have the ability to recover oil if the economics of the situation are favorable.  No size or volume of contamination is too large or too small.


Texas Tea is a single source provider of specialized solutions for a healthier environment. This includes an array of environmentally safe, EPA certified, not-toxic chemistries that work extremely well with Texas Tea’s mechanical technology. Texas Tea has the ability to recover and remediate hydrocarbons. They also provide the worlds premier dust control and soil stabilization product.


Texas Tea’s technology includes a patent pending remediation process for introducing chemistry to contaminants, which ensures the most thorough processing possible.  Our technology allows us to fully remediate and recover hydrocarbons onsite.  TTR’s state-of-the-art in situ remediation and recovery is unmatched in the industry.  Our process eliminates the substantial costs associated with conventional dig and haul disposal methods.

Rejuvenation & Stimulation

Texas Tea has a number of customizable solutions for clogged production wells.  Buildup of paraffin, asphaltene, iron scaling, calcium, resin, and others, can be the cause for slowed or stopped production.  Texas Tea has an in-house analysis team that can identify and customize a solution for any clogging issue through groundbreaking new chemistry and application techniques.


Texas Tea is a master distributor of PennzSuppress, with exclusive territories both domestically and internationally. Texas Tea provides training and certification to its clients at little to no cost. Their services as a distributor also include site specific engineering and design, to ensure the successful use of its products and equipment.

Global Reach

Texas Tea’s technologies and product are in use by trained and certified clients worldwide. Please contact us if you are interested in the use of our technologies.