Research and Development

Reclamation of Water In Situ

Water decontamination and desalination can occur on site, offering an alternative to off-site disposal.  Frac, process and flow-back water can be cleaned for reuse, with very little to no waste stream.  2400 gpd is achievable for process water, and much higher rates are achievable for contaminated well water.

Recovery of Oil & Minerals In Situ

Texas Tea can recover value for its customers.  Recovering oil, barite, water, and soil from cuttings, organic mud, and synthetic mud are all now possible, at the job site.  Patent pending processes for separation and recovery can be specifically engineered to fit each situation.

Response to Emergency Spills

Texas Tea has the chemistry and technology on hand for emergency spill response.  Our products have been successfully tested on beach clean-up projects, and are adaptable to suit any soil, shore or wetlands condition.

Well Site Remediation & Reclamation

Our ability to achieve 100% remediation, in situ, is what sets Texas Tea apart from our competitors. This industry-unique ability, in most cases, releases the owner/operator of 100% of their legacy liability of hydrocarbon and chloride contamination for each TTR treated site. Texas Tea’s Remediation and Recovery services are available directly from Texas Tea and are also available as a licensed package.

Texas Tea’s Remediation and Recovery Station (available as a portable or stationary unit) replaces conventional disposal practices with our more economical, effective, and environmentally safe technologies. This station is able to recover and remediate over 200 metric tons per day, returning usable, clean processed hydrocarbons, drill cuttings, soil and/or water back to the operator for reuse or repurposing.

Other Chemistry Applications

Texas Tea has a new environmentally safe and beneficial chemistry to treat livestock waste in the agricultural industry.  Our chemistries are also highly effective in the wastewater treatment industry.  TTR chemistry has a proven track record and is being used with great success to manage sludge and grease buildup in lift stations, clarifiers and piping.