Custom Engineered Services

Texas Tea Reclamation, LLC. (“Texas Tea”) is an environmental and oil field services company, whose staff and associates have been working worldwide in the oil and gas industry for over 42 years. Texas Tea’s strength lies in research and development with exclusive patent pending technology and the industry’s premier customizable chemistry solutions. Whether it is water or hydrocarbon remediation, enchanced recovery, well stimulation, spill response, wastewater facility maintenance, agricultural waste processing, or industrial cleaning, Texas Tea’s services offer a new level of value and capability to their customers.

Well Stimulation

Texas Tea offers well stimulation services to operators that are experiencing paraffin, iron oxides and sulfides, and/or asphaltene, and/or scaling issues. We can also knock out H2S in any system. With many wells serviced using our technology, TTR customers will realize an increased production rate of 40% and above.  Our service takes 3 days or less, and customers enjoy significant cost savings compared to traditional methods, such as workover rigs.  The treatment lasts up to 6+ months and is completely safe to personnel, equipment and the formation.

Tank, Pipe, And Surface Cleaning

TTR’s chemistry is used with great success for cleaning large and small storage tanks, and processing equipment.  Our chemistries are also extremely valuable for refinery turn-around maintenance.

Vessel Cleaning

Texas Tea’s chemistry is very effective for remediating and cleaning barges, oil tankers, railcars, and road-based tankers, both inside and out. In addition, this environmentally friendly chemistry is useable to clean hard surfaces in and around the shipyard, rail yard, etc.